We now have a contract in place with Dan Hodgson of the Big Tree Company, to carry out all grass cutting/strimming, tree pruning, hedge cutting and some tree work within the cemetery grounds.

Dan and members of his team will usually be in the cemetery working one day a week. When needed he will put out warning signs and cordon off areas where work is being carried out. If you see them working, please avoid the area or if you can catch their attention (they can’t always hear you over the noise, or see through their safety equipment) ask them to allow you to access the grave or area you need to attend, if you are unable to wait until they have finished. Please don’t prevent them from working unnecessarily though – it’s a big job!!

The team are currently strimming the grass as it starts to spring into life, however, they have been asked to avoid the areas which have wildflowers growing, in line with the council’s Environment and Sustainability Policy    If you would like your family members grave to be strimmed more closely, please ask Dan and the team, or contact the Clerk.

Our plan is to start reducing the large trees along the bottom boundary, a bit at a time during quieter periods. Because Dan and his team are qualified to carry out this work, we will be able to do it on a regular basis when time permits. It will not happen all at once though as this is a major task.

The community council have recently implemented a Cemetery Committee to try to more closely monitor issues within the cemetery and to plan ahead for the future and sustainability of the service it provides.

If you have any questions please contact the Clerk: Tel: 01978 756890 or email: clerk@coedpoethcommunitycouncil.gov.wales


New legislation requires all businesses in Wale to provide recycling facilities for their waste and we will soon be placing new bins within the cemetery to allow this to take place. Visitors and members of the public should ensure that they put the correct waste into the correct bins. Please do not place soil and earth from graves into the bins. We are looking into placing composting containers which will help to prevent bins being filled with soil, making them extremely heavy.

Coedpoeth Cemetery

The cemetery remains closed to all new full burials, but cremated remains will now be able to be laid to rest in above ground ashes vaults.

It is also possible for burials to take place in existing graves, if the correct documentation is presented to the Burial Authority.

Please contact the Clerk at: clerk@coedpoethcommunitycouncil.gov.wales  or call: 01978 756890 for further information and prices.

Please see our list of charges for burials and memorial placements here:

Cemetery Charges

Permission must be sought from the Burial Authority prior to any memorial being removed, altered or placed.

New Standard Ashes Vaults are now in place.





Commonwealth War Graves

Within the cemetery there are 13 Commonwealth War Graves. Search for details of the War dead who are buried or commemorated at Coedpoeth Cemetery here:  Find War Dead | Search Results | CWGC